Welcome to the Science of Mining Blog!

In this blog, we provide detailed technical information that provides answers and data for questions many crypto-miners have about hardware and software. We will be running benchmarks and providing other guides to help resolve questions that arise regarding hardware and software configurations for cryptos such as Chia, FileCoin, and others.

Currently, we have a report available on the performance and power considers of compressed Chia farms using BladeBit. See the top navigation bar for this report!

If you would like a short guide on how to get started with benchmarking your Chia farm for compressed plots and gathering some useful data, check out the new "BladeBit Simulation Guide" at the top.

If there are topics/configurations of interest for future guides, feel free to let us know so we can add them to the list of potential future reports/guides.

Check back in the future as we add additional content of interest to the crypto-mining community!

-- The Science of Mining Team